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Latest Articles

Ty R. Armstrong
      Bitcoin could be accepted as contributions to political campaigns in the upcoming mid-term elections. It is a sign of increased acceptance of the upstart currency , as more and mo...more
Under Personal Finance posted 2 days ago.
Ty R. Armstrong
  Russia’s currency, Rubles, has declined by roughly 0.7% Monday in its third consecutive week. The tensions between Russia and Ukraine have taken a toll on the currency. Investors are worr...more
Under Personal Finance posted 10 days ago.
Ty R. Armstrong
With the tax filing date approaching, some people may not know that the IRS has already ruled that Bitcoin will be taxable as property and not as currency. So, what does this mean? Lets refresh our kn...more
Under Personal Finance posted 14 days ago.
This morning, many of the leading retail stocks are coming under some early selling pressure. It is very important to follow the retail sector because it is usually a decent gauge for U.S. consumer sp...more
Under Investing posted 15 days ago.
One of the hottest stock sectors in 2013 was the bio-technology stocks. Leading bio-tech stocks such as Celgene Corp (CELG), Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD), Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX), an...more
Under Investing posted 17 days ago.
Ty R. Armstrong
The job market has been steady recovering from the 2008 financial crisis. The private sector has finally recovered the jobs it lost six years ago. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the U.S. ...more
Under Personal Finance posted 20 days ago.
Ty R. Armstrong
It has been years now that humankind has faced the fact that fossil fuels will not last forever. The question now is for how long we will have this kind of energy source available for. Exxon Mobil has...more
Under Personal Finance posted 22 days ago.
Tyler A. Schiesl
Internet commerce company "eBay" on Tuesday filed its proxy statement ahead of its May 13 annual meeting, urging shareholders to reject a slate of directors nominated by Carl Icahn and again...more
Under Investing posted 30 days ago.

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