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Why I Am Buying 3X Long Biotech ETF $LABU Into The ..

Under investing posted 574 days ago.

Why I Am Buying 3X Long Biotech ETF $LABU Into The Stock Market Close Today

There is one simple reason why I am buying the 3x long biotech ETF $LABU into the stock market close today. There is a Presidential Debate tonight and biotech has been under pressure the last few trading days, afraid of what targeted attacks it would get from the candidates. Ultimately, there will be relief when it is over, not matter what is said. The fear of what may be said is always worse than the actual event, which means a sharp biotechnology rally tomorrow. This is literally a 1-3 day swing trade. Quick in and quick out. I am aiming to maxmize gains as much as possible, thus the plans to buy $LABU.



By Pro-Trader

Anthony Jackson


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