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Privacy Policy

Last Updates: November 23, 2010

We are committed to respecting your online privacy, and recognize your need for appropriate protection and management of all personal information.Our most important asset is our relationship with you. We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of the personally identifiable information we collect from you via this website (the “Site”).

If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, or any of its terms, please do not provide us with your personally identifiable information (“PII”), for example any personal information capable of being associated with you individually through one or more identifiers.

Our business changes constantly, and our Terms of Use, any rules posted on the Site, as well as this Privacy Policy may change too. You should check the Site frequently to see if there are recent changes. Money Predict reserves the right to revise this Privacy Policy at any time. Your continued use of this Site or any of the Services (as hereinafter defined), shall be deemed an irrevocable acceptance of any such revisions.

Unless stated otherwise, our current Privacy Policy applies to all information that we have about you. The above sentence notwithstanding, this Privacy Policy only applies to information collected by Money Predict.



If you cancel your membership and decide that you want to remove your personal information from this Site, you must contact us at info@traderviews.com and request that such information be removed. However, please be advised that it may be impossible to permanently remove your information from our backup system or from the Internet as the information may continue to exist in cached pages, etc.

In order to have access to some of the Services provided on this Site or through our mobile services, you will have to register with the Site and create a login and password.


Upon submission of your PII to this Site, you are agreeing to the terms of us of this Site, its rules, including any rules governing our Promotions, and this Privacy Policy. As long as you use, create an account, access our mobile or online services or participate in any Promotion you agree to be bound by the T&Cs, rules and this Privacy Policy.

Description of the Site.

Money Predict and the Site allow registered users (“Players”) to form a community in which can discuss and exchange ideas. The Site shall, now or in the future, integrate the ability of members to engage and interact online and on mobile devices (the “Services”). The term Service(s) shall include all Services including Online and Mobile Services as well as instant messaging, articles, polls, user interaction, content Submissions and all any other promotional activities.

Each Service may be governed by its own rules (the “Rules”) as this Privacy Policy. In the event that any term, condition, clause or provision of this Privacy Policy conflicts with any term, condition, clause or provision contained in the Rules, the term, condition, clause, or provision of this Privacy Policy shall be controlling. In order to post or submit any videos, audio, pictures, documents, texts, comments, profiles, Mobile/SMS or other submissions (“Submissions”), visitors or users may be required to become Members (as hereinafter defined) by registering with the Site and creating a login and password.

What information does the Site collect?

Non-member Activity. Visitors to the Site may choose to browse, search and examine Submissions and the Site without registering with the Site and becoming a Member. Visitors to the Site may also undertake any such actions that are permitted of non-members in accordance with the Rules of any Service. When you visit our Site as a non-Member, we collect only information you provide or submit to the Site directly, information you send to us by email, information and messages you send or post through our accounts on third party social networks (such as Facebook, YouTube or Twitter) or information or messages you send through our SMS or mobile services. The foregoing statement not withstanding, our servers may recognize and collect visitors’ domain names, IP addresses and any information on pages visited.

Member Activity. In order to have access to some of the Services, mentioned above, including posting an article, entering an instant message, stating an opinion on a poll, building a portfolio, a user or visitor must be a registered Member of the Site. We may ask for and collect some PII when you create an account, including, but not limited to your e-mail address, name and a password, which is used to protect your account from unauthorized access. We may also collect such PII as you hometown, age, gender, street address and telephone number. Once you become a member, we also collect a variety of information and PII depending on the Services you use or engage in.

We may collect additional PII as part of a survey, including biographical, marital, educational and career information. We may also collect information you submit outside of the Site but as part of a Promotion. For example, we may collect information on articles, polls, instant message, portfolios and Mobile Services we provide.

When you browse the non-password protected portions of our Site, you do so anonymously; no personally identifiable information is collected. When you sign up to become a registered user of Money Predict we request that you provide to us your name, address and email address, as well as your trading behavior, such as the techniques you use and the instruments you trade.

You may also choose to supply trading information (e.g., how long you have been trading, your preferred trading hours, etc.) and a profile description. Once you register with Money predict and sign in to our Site, you are not anonymous to us.In addition, as a registered user of our Site, we collect and maintain information about your membership activity. This activity includes your trading ideas, executed transactions, positions, history, comments, subscriptions to other members as well as ratings of other members’ trading ideas and comments and their ratings of you. We publish this information and derivatives based on this information on our Site and we use this information to provide the services.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

We Do Not Reveal Any Personally Identifiable Information

We will not publish any personally identifiable information (e.g. name, email address or contact information) on our platform or Site for others to view, without your permission, unless you choose to post it yourself on the Site.

You Choose to Whom You Want to Make Your Performances Public

You may choose to whom you provide authorization to explore all of your trading performance, if any: your friends who are members and/or for all Money Predict members. Other registered users will be able to search for, access and review articles, instant messages, polls and performance.

Should you elect to make your trading performance public to all Money Predict’s registered users, summary information including recent activity information may be made available to non-registered users and accessible by search engine technologies.

Content Uploaded to the Site. Any PII or Submissions that you voluntarily disclose online (for example, PII contained in your articles, comments, polls, messages, or profile pages, if any) becomes publicly available and can be collected, viewed and used by third parties.


The Site enables you to show your trading information and enables you to connect with other traders by providing the names and email addresses of others whom you would like to invite to our Site. This information is used only to send your invitation and reminders.

If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about our Site, we will ask you for your friend’s name and email address. We will automatically send your friend an email inviting him or her to visit our Site. Money Predict stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and tracking the success of our referral program.

Public Profiles

Our public profile feature allows you to publish portions of your Money Predict profile, including your member screen name but NOT your email address to the public. You have the ability to choose which personal information about you may be viewed by others. The account settings, tools and controls enable you to manage access to your personal information, portfolio information and your network and contacts.


In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 6501-06 and 16 C.F.R. §§ 1.1-1.1, our Site does not permit children under 18 years of age to become users, and we do not collect information from children. By using our Site, you represent that you are not under 18 years of age.

Social Network

The Social network created by Money Predict is for traders and investors. Money Predict is an on-line groups, networks or communities of people who share some common element(s) such as a particular interest, and are interested in exploring and discussing such interests with others on the internet. Social networking involves the on-line interaction of its members via multiple and various electronic formats, such as chat, messaging, email, video, voice chat, file sharing, blogging, discussion groups and so on.

When using social networks, you should be cautious when posting your personal information as well as carefully consider the information you get from the social network. You should take care in trusting the information posted in a social network as it may be difficult to prevent members or the public at large from posting false or misleading information, including information in their personal profiles. Although Money Predict takes reasonable steps to regularly monitor the content of its site to identify and remove any misleading or otherwise fraudulent posts, and may ban a member for egregious or repeat violations, there is no assurance that we will detect all misleading or fraudulent posts, and members should not rely upon or assume the accuracy of information posted by other members and should make their own independent trading decisions. Be aware no personal trading information is ever being presented. Opinion and discussions are open however all trading decisions must be based on your own discretion and you are the responsible party for trading or investing.

Do not post personal information. Once you have posted your personal information to the internet, you have lost control over who will see it and how it will be used. Information you post or as contained in your profile can easily be copied and shared with thousands of others at the press of a button. In addition, when posting other materials, such as photos, you should take precaution as such information or pictures can be altered or distorted.

There is the potential for risk in using our trading Social Network stemming from the illegal or improper use of the social network by third parties who might, for example, post misleading information in an attempt to improperly influence trading decisions or find ways to copy and aggregate member profiles, collect personal financial information or copy personal content and use it for their own purposes.

Money predict does not permit executable files to be posted. Malware and distribution of viruses, worms and bots, Trojans, spyware and more are not permitted nor allowed .

Usage Information.

We may collect information about your usage, such as when you use the Site, the Submissions you make, the articles, instant messages, portfolios, polls , the frequency and size of data transfers, as well as information you display or click on in the Site. If you are logged in we may associate this information with your account.

How do we use the information you provide us? We use your PII such as your name, address, and e-mail address in order to provide you with the Services. All information that you submit to us is governed by this Privacy Policy, the TOS and any other Rules.

We may share your PII with our agents, representatives, contractors and service providers so they can provide us with support services such as authorization of credit card transactions, mobile services billings, e-mail origination, support services, customer relationship management services, order fulfillment, and contests, sweepstakes and/ or promotional fulfillment.

We may also use such PII to determine if you comply with any of the Rules provided for on this Site.

Your account name (not your e-mail address) you create during registration may be displayed to other users/visitors/Members when you provide Submissions you make, the articles, instant messages, portfolios, commenting and other Members can contact you through comments, blogs, chat, or forums. Any Submission that you provide through the Site may be redistributed through the Internet to other websites and other media channels, and may be viewed by the general public.


Be advised that we use your e-mail address and other contact information provided by you to contact you regarding your Submissions. We may also use your e-mail address without further consent for non-marketing or administrative purposes (such as notifying you of major Site changes or customer service purposes).

You may opt-out at any time by changing your preferences. Your preferences can be changed by sending a request to info@traderviews.com or following the instructions provided on the Site.

We use both your PII and certain non-PII (such as anonymous user data, cookies, IP addresses, browser type, click stream data, etc.) to improve the quality and design of the Site and to create new features, promotions, functionality and services by storing, tracking, analyzing and processing user preferences and trends, as well as user activity and communications.

Information that is Publicly Available.

When you create an account and become a Member of the Site, some information about your account and/or your account activity may be provided to other users/visitors of the Site. This information may include, but is not limited to, username and any Submissions you make, the articles, instant messages, or portfolios.

Please be aware that any information that you submit as part of your Submissions you make, the articles, instant messages, or portfolios, may be used and displayed publicly. If you do not want your PII shared publicly, do not register with the Site or enter any Submissions you make, the articles, instant messages, or portfolios.

Any Submission that you provide through the Site may be redistributed through the Internet and/or other media channels and may be viewed by the general public.

Third Party Advertisers & Third Party Links.

BY CREATING AN ACCOUNT AT THE SITE, YOU CONSENT TO RECEIVE FREE CONTENT AND/OR PROMOTIONAL OFFERS FROM US OR ANY THIRD PARTY ADVERTISERS. You may withdraw your consent at anytime by changing your account preferences or contacting us at info@traderviews.com.

If any financial information is collected it will be used to bill the Member/user for services offered on the Site or our Mobile Services. If you used a credit card or a mobile phone account to pay for any fee on the Site or engage in any paid Service, your credit card or mobile phone account information may be subject to verification by the issuing credit card company or other third party company. Unless you give us permission at the time such information is collected, this information will not be used for any purpose except for the fulfillment and record keeping of the transaction.

In an attempt to provide increased value to our visitors, we may choose various third party web sites to link to, and/or frame within the Site. We also may participate in co-branding and other relationships to offer e-commerce and other services and features to our visitors and Members and/or users. However, even if the third party is affiliated with us, we have no control over these linked sites, each of which has separate privacy and data collection practices independent of us. We encourage you to read the policies of these third party websites. By purchasing, or registering or making reservations for, products or services offered or sponsored by third parties or advertisers through third party links on the Site, or electing to receive communications (such as e-mails) or electing to participate in contests, sweepstakes or other programs, offered or sponsored by third parties on the Site, you consent to our providing your personal information to those third parties. Data collected by our co-brand partners or third party websites (even if offered on or through our Site) may not be received by us. As such, we have no responsibility or liability for the independent policies or actions of third parties, and are not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of any such web sites. These linked sites are only for your convenience and you therefore access them at your own risk. Nonetheless, we seek to protect the integrity of the Services and the links placed upon each of them and therefore request any feedback on not only the Services, but for sites we link to as well.

Further, any linking with any other web site is neither an endorsement of that site nor any of the products or services that may be offered on that site.

Note: Your PII or financial information may be passed on to a third party in the event of a transfer of ownership or assets of Moneypredict or a bankruptcy. We may also disclose PII or financial information when we determine that such disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable law, to cooperate with law enforcement or to protect the interests or safety of Moneypredict or other visitors to the Site. Whenever PII or financial information is disclosed under this paragraph, we may also disclose your demographic information on a non-anonymous basis.

How does Moneypredict Protect Users Personal Information?

We implement a variety of security measures to ensure the security of your PII on our systems. When you enter sensitive information (such as credit card number and/or social security number) on our registration or order forms, we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL).

We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once we receive it. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure, therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your PII, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Third parties may unlawfully attempt to intercept or access transmissions or private communications and other Members and/or visitors may abuse or misuse your personal information that they collect from the Site. Although we work very hard to protect your privacy, we do not promise, and you should not expect, that your personal information or private communications will always remain private.

Does Moneypredict Use Cookies?

We use cookies for our own advertising purposes. We may use third-party advertising technology to serve ads when you visit the Site and sites upon which we advertise. This technology uses information about your visits to the Site and the sites upon which we advertise, (not including your name, address, or other personal information), to serve our ads to you. In the course of serving our advertisements to you, a unique third-party cookie may be placed or recognized on your browser. In addition, we may use web beacons, provided by our ad serving partner, to help manage our online advertising. These web beacons enable our ad server to recognize a browser's cookie when a browser visits this site and to learn which banner ads bring users to our Site.

How do you change PII provided or OPT-OUT?

Traderviews gives Members an option for modifying or removing their information from our database. To update, modify or delete the information that we have on file for you account, contact us at info@tradeviews.com. We will comply with your requests as reasonably as we can. Please note that we require some PII for billing purposes. If you wish to delete your name, e-mail address or mailing address you may be required to terminate your account. However, please note, that while you may remove your PII from the site at any time, you acknowledge that we may retain archived or cached copies of your PII. Please submit any questions and requests regarding your PII submitted as part of an application to info@tradeviews.com

Customer Comments/Reviews

We post customer /comments/reviews on our web site which may contain personally identifiable information. We do obtain the customer's consent via email prior to posting the testimonial to post their name along with their testimonial.


Our Web site includes Widgets, which are interactive mini-programs that run on our site to provide specific services from another company (e.g. displaying the news, opinions, music, etc). Personal information, such as your email address, may be collected through the Widget. Cookies may also be set by the Widget to enable it to function properly. Information collected by this Widget is governed by the privacy policy of the company that created it.

Import Contacts

You can import contacts from your Outlook or other email account address book to invite them to become members of our site. We collect the username and password for the email account you wish to import your contacts from and will only use it for that purpose.

Facebook Connect

You can log in to our site using sign-in services such as Facebook Connect . These services will authenticate your identity and provide you the option to share certain personal information with us such as your name and email address to pre-populate our sign up form. Services like Facebook Connect give you the option to post information about your activities on this Web site to your profile page to share with others within your network.

By visiting the Site and/or using the Service, including, but not limited to making Sweepstakes or Game entries, you consent to the collection and use of information by us as set forth in this Privacy Policy. If we decide to change our Privacy Policy, we will post those changes within this page so our visitors/users/Members are always aware of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances, if any, we disclose it.

We reserve the right to modify this privacy statement at any time, so please review it frequently. If we make material changes to this policy, we will notify you here, by email, or by means of a notice on our home page. Any material change in the Company's privacy practices will be posted on the web site under the privacy policy and the home page. Before any material changes will be implemented this change will be prominently on the home page posted on the Web site 30 calendar days prior to implementing the change.

Be sure to review our Privacy Policy, T&Cs and any Rules regularly so that you will be aware of any changes to them. Please remember that your continued use of this Site, participation or Submissions you make, the articles, instant messages, portfolios, utilization of our Mobile Services and/or maintenance of an account after changes or revisions have been made constitute your acceptance of such updates.

If you have any questions about the Privacy Policy of the Site, please contact us at:


6400 N. Andrews Avenue, Suite #320

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309